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Madden's Nurseries Calendar

Some tips from Madden's Nurseries.


A great month to get out, relax and enjoy your garden.
Beech hedging should always be pruned this month to ensure the foliage is held longer.
Fertilize shrubs, trees and lawns regularly.
Keep an eye on summer bedding to prevent pests and diseases, slugs and green fly in particular.
Watering of flowers is best done in the evening time when the sun is low and water won't evaporate.
Deadhead flowering annuals and perennials to encourage more blooms throughout the summer.
Roses should be deadheaded and fertilized.


Continue to deadhead flowers and weed regularly, keep an eye out for green fly and black spot on roses and continue to fertilize.
Water your hanging baskets and pots regularly.
An excellent month for bees, an essential element for beautiful and productive growth in your garden.


Summer is nearing an end and best to take the opportunity to get out and enjoy the benefits of the hard work you've created in your garden.
Continue deadheading, weeding and checking for pests.


An important time for pruning trees and hedging in preparation for the winter storms.
Autumn feritiliser on lawns.


A time to remove all annual summer bedding and prepare for planting of wall flowers, autumn bedding and bulbs for spring.
Check all trees for vulnerability and undertake any relevant staking of trees.


Plant more bulbs for spring and mulch your shrubs.
Scarify your lawn to aid drainage and prepare for winter with Autumn fertiliser.
Apply lawn sand to eradicate moss.
The best month to plant trees or hedges, as rainfall will assist the roots in settling.


Maintain and prune fruit trees, keeping an eye out for possible wind damage.
Enjoy watching the birds pick the berries and enjoy a much deserved rest.


A quiet month for gardeners in the garden but a perfect month to plan your gardening tasks and goals for the year ahead.


Keep an eye on shrubs in late February, as a difficult month to predict the weather.
The last month until September to trim hedges, so tidy up bushes and hedges now to keep them neat for spring and summer.


The start of the growing season and important to fertilize.
Plants shrubs and bare root plants and consider areas of the garden that may require attention.


The month to plant new lawns and treat existing lawns with fertilizer.
More bare root planting.
Prune and fertilize roses which will help them grow stronger and produce more plentiful blooms in the summer.
Prepare rose climbers with trelasing.
Fertilize all beds for summer bedding plants.
Repot all patio containers.
Bill Madden landscaping can collect, fill and return all pots by first week of May, after any frost has occurred.


Hopefully any frost has gone and summer bedding planting can commence.
Deadheading of perennials and pruning and cleaning of herbaceous plants ready to fertilise.